Monday, February 15, 2010

So How Are You?

A week from today I’ll be coming back to work. I’m sure that I will be asked the question…

“So, how are you?” (with head slightly tilted to the side)

I’ve been asked this question for the nth time, and although answering this question for the nth time makes me want to scream, I’m sure people have good intentions and are just genuinely concerned about how I am.

So how am I doing?

My response is (and it has not changed from the last time I was asked the same question)… I am fine.

The word fine does not connote a feeling of ecstasy nor negativity… the word “fine” just is.

So, there… I’m doing fine.


Kristy said...

I went back to work 2.5 months after Dylan was born. I just had to. It helped me a lot just to get out of the house and focus on work and not sit at home and wallow in my sorrow. For me going back to work part-time helped me ease out of my depression. And of course everyone did ask me how I was doing with a sad look on their faces but it was good to talk about it. I also brought pictures of Dylan to work. This helped me because finally I was proud to show off my baby pictures. I also found that I had a lot of support from my friends at work. They were so caring and concerned. I am sure you will find the same things. Hang in there. How is Isabella doing?


isdadoinks said...

I find myself actually looking forward to work... but somewhere there i do feel slightly guilty. But i'm sure detaching myself for a couple of hours in a day will help me emotionally.. to be able to better deal with all of this.

Will hang in here

Thank you.