Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Feeding Frenzy and Frustrations

Ever since we brought Isabella home we were very focused on her feeding. We made sure that she is fed every three hours. We made sure that her gaining weight was our number one priority.

We made sure that her milk is fortified and she is given enough volume per feeding. Little by little we would up her volume intake and because of this she was gaining an ounce a day.

However, just recently feeding her seems like a challenge. She seems to be experiencing acid reflux and would throw up full feedings. It was beginning to feel frustrating because feeding became a messy experience and this affected the rate of her weight gain.

We tried giving her half her volume feeds at a time and feeding her the other half an hour later to make sure that the milk has already settled down... but she would still throw up.

We tried giving her less milk bringing her volume feed down by 10mls. Still throwing up.

We would feed her in an inclined position and we would keep her up after feeds but she would still throw up. We were scared that this could lead to her "failure to thrive".

Eventually we read that we can help baby keep her food down by putting her on her tummy and inclined at about a 30 degree angle. We tried it.... and so far it seems to be working.


Hannah said...

Glad things are getting better with feedings. Riley, my little one with WHS, has the same issue, lots of vomiting with feedings. She goes in phases. She is fine for weeks and then will have a really bad week. There is a great support group on www.babycenter.com for babies with reflux and we have found some really great tips that are working.

isdadoinks said...

All ideas are welcome! Thanks Hannah for suggesting the website!