Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Preparations and Prayers

The days that passed from determining my scheduled C section to the actual day of my C section was spent mostly in preparing for the big day and lots of prayer.

I prepared my son that we had to leave him for several days. We made plans on who was going to take care of him and take him to school while we were gone. I made sure that the house was clean, that there is food in the fridge and that the diaper bag and our clothes were packed. I packed clothes good for a week.... I knew we were going to stay in the hospital for awhile we just don't know for how long.

We also went to a healing mass at church, got blessed by a priest, got prayed over by the Couples for Christ, got prayed over by my CFC household.... lots and lots and lots of prayer.

During the daytime, when I'm by myself, it felt like my head was going to explode from excessive worrying. I decided to play christian and praise music really loudly to drown out my dark thoughts.

I kept praying and hoping for a miracle.

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