Saturday, April 07, 2012

My Little Noisemaker

We just had ear tube placement surgery (her third set of ear tubes). It was an outpatient procedure and there were no complications. She recovered really well.

When her brother got home from school that afternoon, she turned to him for the first time when she HEARD him call her name. My son was really happy to know that she heard him and gave him many head kisses. 

Also each morning while very one gets ready to leave for work/school, I see her trying to peek, from her crib, through the door that leads to the bathroom. She usually makes this whiny sound, maybe because she is calling for us, and she knows that one of us is in there. Every morning I see her do this and sometimes I call for her, while I make the bed to let her know that I'm in the room but she does not turn. The morning after surgery, however, when she HEARD the rustling of the blankets while I was making the bed, she turned, stopped the whiny sounds she was making, and gave me a big smile. I wanted to tell her I've been there all along, every morning, but I was too busy crying happy tears, cause she knew somebody was there when she turned at the sound of the blankets. =D 

Here is a video of her having happy back and forth vocalizations with me. YAY!

There is still the question on whether she has hearing loss. Her audiology tests are very inconsistent as it sometimes shows that her better ear is her left, but that recently it shows that it's her right. At the last hearing test, she had an ear infection on her left and some drainage, so they weren't able to test that ear, but her right shows a mild hearing loss, which may be conductive, cause she did pass the ABR test done when she was 4 months old. The audiologist is talking about having another ABR done to rule out the possibility of a progressive hearing loss and another hearing test when her left ear gets better. We'll just have to wait and see. Behaviorally, the deaf and hard of hearing specialist working with her says, she seems to hear us. At this point I just want to know what direction to take so we can move on to the next step and really start working on those language skills. We barely started using signs like "more" and "all done" with her. She does not use gestures (yet), does not wave bye-bye or point to things, but sometimes does a head shake to signify a "No", but we use the signs just to start something. We really need to work on her receptive language skills and it would really help if she can hear us wouldn't it? =D

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