Saturday, April 07, 2012

28 Month Update

* At 28 months, Isay now weighs about 20 lbs. and I finally put away all of her 6 to 9 month clothes. YAY! Hello 12 months!

* There seems to be a slowing down on her weight gain, yes in spite of all the cream and butter we've added to her diet. It could be because she has been more physically active, and thus, burning more calories.

*She is usually standing now, leaning on the couch, and when she sits, we rarely find her doing the "W" sitting. She can also manage to "kneel walk", often climbs on the stairs to go and check herself out in the big mirror by the stair landing. She also crawls all over the house and gets into our bins and takes stuff out to make a mess (Yay!). Also, every now and then, we will find her standing without support for a brief 3 to 5 seconds, and she slowly bends her knees to get to the floor. WOW!

* One time I left her on the rug by the foot of the bed so I can go get some diapers. When I got back after no less than 30 seconds, she was on top of the bed. I was bewildered and really thought that I could have left her on the bed, blaming it on my faltering memory, only to actually witness that night, when I left her on the rug again and turned my body to go get her box of wipes, that she pulled herself up to get on top of the bed, using the doggie mattress beside the bed to help give her some height... it's really time to baby proof the house!!!  And yes, this is why she is burning more calories!

* We will be changing her feed routine. We will start off her nightly pump feeds at 10pm and end it at 6am at a rate of 40 mls per hour. We changed her daytime feeding schedule to 9am, 12noon, 3pm and 6pm. She takes in all her daytime feeds by mouth, eating about 120 to 150 mls of pureed table food with rice cereal or Gerber 2's or 3's each meal time (if her food is sweet we add about 50 mls of heavy cream and if it's salty we add about a tsp of butter). This way she takes in more volume and more calories. We hope this helps her gain the weight she needs. 

* We got orthotic inserts for her shoes to help support her arch. She cruises less when she has these on, but when really motivated, she can do it.  Check out the video of her cruising WITH EASE (sans the shoes).

Soon... she'd be WALKING soon! =D

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Kisses4Kaylee said...

Ok, I take back my comment on the 27 month update...THIS IS AMAZING!! I really need to know-- how did you help her get so strong so fast?! I can only imagine the happiness you are feeling with all that she is accomplishing~ love Miss Isay (and you!) xo

Melissa and Luke Young said...

How cool is this... This is awesome..!!! She is cruising so well around the couch... Way to go Issay xx