Saturday, April 07, 2012

27 Month Update

* Towards the end of January, we tried adding heavy cream and butter to Isabella's diet. This lead to a significant weight gain of a pound in a span of a month. If you look back into her history, you'd see that this is a definite weight milestone for her. At 27 months, she weighs in at 19lbs!
* She had a seizure at home. The first seizure we ever managed with the emergency meds (Diastat) and didn't need to call 911. She spiked a 102 fever right after and slept for a long time (3 hours). When she awoke, we were back to or regular programming. No milestones seem to have been affected.

* Seizure may have been caused by an ear infection we didn't know she even had. Another ear tube placement surgery is underway. 

* We have a "stair climber"... and I don't mean that in an exercise equipment sort of way. Check out the video! =D

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Kisses4Kaylee said...

That's amazing!! I wonder if Kaylee is ever going to start showing off some skills like her buddy Isay. God bless her! (now, get to those gates, lol) xo