Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Today was the day that I believe my son first noticed that something was not typical of his sister. While he was lying on the sofa playing with Isabella’s feet, he stopped for a bit with this inquiring-curious look on his face and we had this conversation….

Eloi: “Nanay, did something happen to you when Isay was in your tummy?”

Me: “Why do you ask that?” (See, even a 5 year old is asking me the same thing that some people have inappropriately asked or what some cannot bring themselves to ask)

Eloi: “ Because Isay is so small, did something happen to you?”

Me: “No, nothing happened to me when Isay was in my tummy. Isay is just small.”

Eloi: “Did something happen to Isay and that’s why she’s small?”

Me: “Eloi do you remember when I told you that Isay is special? Well that’s one of the things that makes your sister special. She is small because she was made small. She is small much like you were made to have curly hair. She is small because she just is.”

Eloi: “Her feet are always going to be tiny huh?

Me: “They will grow, but they will not be as big as the feet of other children the same age as she is.”

Eloi: I think its cute that Isay has tiny feet.”

Me: “ I think its cute too. I think it makes her sooo special to always have smaller feet.”

Eloi: “I like her feet just this size.”

Me: “I like it that Isay is smaller than everyone else because I get to hold and carry her longer.”

Eloi: Not like me, because I’m already too heavy for you. When I’m bigger will she still be smaller?”

Me: I think so.

Eloi: Then I get to carry her too.

Me: Sure you can and that would be nice.

Eloi: I think I would like that.

Me: You know what I really like right now?

Eloi: What Nanay?”

Me: You.

Eloi: And Isay too.

Me: And your sister too.


Kristy said...

So sweet. Isay is so lucky to have such a wonderful big brother. I love the picture too!

Mitch said...

That was a really sweet exchange. I was really touched....

Melissa and Luke Young said...

What a beautiful conversation to have with a 5 year old... and that photo is just precious x

Lauren said...

You have the cutest kids! They are both gorgeous! And what a precious big brother!

Kisses4Kaylee said...

I love this post, and I love the photo you posted. It is a truly beautiful moment captured on film! Much love! xo

Liz said...

Oh that conversation made my heart melt,thanks for sharing, Eloi is such a "super-hero" big brother. LOVE the picture.