Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Kidney Reflux

Yesterday, we had to take Isabella back to Palo Alto because we have a VCUG appointment. The renal doctor just wanted to check for kidney reflux. I guess it was just a usual medical route for children with hypoplastic kidneys.

The moment our car turned towards the entrance of the hospital, I cried. The memories of our stay in that hospital just came rushing back. I have come to associate this place to bad memories and more bad news. As we were waiting to be called inside the radiology lab, I found myself whispering in Isabella’s ear. I told her that this is just one of those routine checks that the doctor has ordered and that I assured her that we will be leaving the lab knowing that she does not have kidney reflux.

I was wrong.

Turns out she has stage 3 reflux on her left kidney and she would need daily doses of antibiotics to fight infection from this point onwards.

So there… I have to add this to her already long list of things.

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Lauren said...

Just a bit of encouragement - Norrah had/has level 2 reflux in both kidneys. She has only ever had one UTI (which is what tipped us off that she even had reflux). Since diagnosis at 2 months she has NEVER, EVER had another UTI. The daily antibiotics worked well for her and her VCUG last year showed that the reflux was improving. So - there is hope that little Miss Isabella will grow out of it. I hope she does! Until then I hope that it is easily treated with the antibiotics.