Friday, December 02, 2011

We Are Not in Kansas Anymore

You know you are not in Kansas anymore when you know how to use the reminder and calendar function on your phone even with your eyes closed because you’ve developed a system to organize doctor’s appointments into manageable chunks that fit into your schedule.

You know you are not in Kansas anymore when you find feeding bags in your garbage can as much as you find diapers… and in your mind, you know that it’s going to be like that for a long time, so you worry about carbon foot prints and the situation of the landfills.

You know you are not in Kansas anymore when changing the Mickey button feels just like inserting an earring into a hole, and you don’t get squeamish about it at all…. Not even one bit.

You know you are not in Kansas anymore when you have fallen deaf to inappropriate comments and blind to unwelcome stares… and you become more aware of this fact when you’ve learned to be bothered less by these things and you feel proud at what you have become…. and it almost also feels like you have a secret… you perceive things differently and see nothing but beautiful on every square micro-inch of your baby’s face... something that the stare-ers and whisperers are blind to.

You know you are not in Kansas anymore when you disinfect more than you usually did because you don’t want your child to get sick because a spiking fever leads to a whole set of more complicated issues so you try your best to nip the spread of germs as early as you can.

You are not in Kansas anymore when you are always curious about your daughter’s weight, have an obsession for ounces taken in during feeds; and nap times and medication schedules are followed diligently like it’s a religion. You’ve also learned how to really read labels to look at protein and potassium content because you just cannot afford having your child develop kidney mishaps.

You know you are not in Kansas anymore when you have medications, formula, and feeding bags and other medical paraphernalia delivered at your doorstep each month, and your son gets excited with anticipation on opening these packages because he wants to know if his guess is right (are these meds, feeding bags, or milk?)… I think though, that for him, it feels like Christmas every month.

You know you are not in Kansas anymore, when questions such as how’s the baby doing does not bother you anymore, nor do comments such as, “Oh they grow up so fast.” Because you know your baby doesn’t… and it’s okay, and I really really mean it when I say that.

You are not in Kansas anymore when you find yourself getting excited about friends and family having new babies because your child can have a playmate and you get better and better each time at accepting that that same child who once was a playmate will surpass your child in development moving on to other playmates... because you know that more new babies will come to play with yours. You know that surely your little one will not be little forever, they just take longer to grow, and that’s is okay, because you know that they will and that they do.

You know you are not in Kansas anymore when you have baby clothes of the same size for all four seasons that are mostly used clothes from other parents whose babies were born way after yours… and it’s okay because really the clothes are gently used and hardly worn and, most importantly, you don’t need to buy them anymore.

You know you are not in Kansas anymore when you try not to plan family vacations way ahead of time because you don’t know if something will come up…. And things actually become more exciting as your family trips are more spontaneous.

You know you are not in Kansas anymore when you realized that you have evolved into this morning person, and that 4 hours of sleep is a gift, and you can still get up, get moving and manage to look pretty in spite of that. And on having luxurious 6 hour sleep-in days, the sound of the overnight feeding pump running out has become your alarm clock.

You are not in Kansas anymore.
and you know you’re not in Holland either

All you know is that life has tremendously changed you and wherever you are is where you should be… and it feels just like HOME.


Hilary said...

Love Love Love this picture!

Kristen said...

I love this. Probably one of the best blog posts I've ever read. I really love it. To true and perfectly said. Kristen