Monday, October 17, 2011

22 Month Update

After about a 2½  month hiatus, I finally found time to update Isabella’s blog. 

Here is her 22 month developmental update.

o       Isabella managed to recover her sitting and crawling and eating skills back two weeks after her big seizure in July 29th.

o       She is currently close to being 18 lbs and is eating stage 2 foods. She is already opening her mouth and uses her lip to scrape the spoon when we feed her, although I feel that eating is still not her favorite activity.

o       It seems that she is starting to shake her head to say NO. She does this a lot during feeding time. She starts it as soon as she sees us getting some food from her bowl and the shaking goes fast when the spoon leaves the bowl and much faster when it comes close to her mouth. She is probably thinking that if she moves it fast enough, we won’t be able to catch her mouth. 

o       She shakes her head as if to say NO too when we tell her that it’s time to nap or sleep. She also does this shaking head thing when her eyes are getting droopy as if to wake herself up. We would see her on the video monitor making herself stay awake when she rouses at 3 in the morning. 

o       She pulls her self up to stand. I think she manages to cruise every now and then, ‘cause we’ll see her on one spot on her crib and we turn for a brief second and she’d be facing a different direction or be on a different spot.  She does this too on the edge of the couch. I have yet to catch this on video.

o       I found my favorite kissing spot, that’s the space by her nose in between her eyes.

o She makes happy vocalization sounds when we do cuddle wrestles or when she gets some of his brother's toys, as if to rejoice that she has conquered something. She bounces up and down too when she does this. 

o We  know when she is upset. She makes this unique, "I'm upset" sound. She gets upset when we take away something that she gets into, which are usually the things that she finds us fiddling around with. Things like the remote, or our cellphones, or the laptop, or her brother's Legos, Beyblades, etc. First she makes this happy sound and bounces up and down because she has conquered something, and when we take it away she does this whole other sound and does this thing that looks like she shakes her fists in the air. Oh my... what a brat huh?

o       I love it when I find her looking at me from the far end of the room and I smile and she smiles right back at me.

Check out the video of Isabella pulling herself up to stand… 


See how she did on her last developmental update by clicking here


Kisses4Kaylee said...

Oh my gosh~ how amazing! Kaylee is still so far away from doing anything like that. Please, please, please tell me your secret?! I am getting desperate over here on the East Coast to see 'something' this awesome happen for Kaylee. Much love to Isay...she is an inspiration! xo

BreB said...

Wow she stood up with such ease! Well done Isabella!

Hilary said...

Love the video! She is doing such an awesome job!!

Melissa and Luke Young said...

LOVE this post... Love to hear all that Issay is doing. Especially love the video x

Mihaela said...

Big strides, big strides! I love it! Keep it up, darling!

Ugh, the feeding. Still not Denise's favorite activity, unless it involves pickles, fresh vegetables, including onions and garlic. I know. High calorie foods :)

I loved this update! Keep them coming <3