Saturday, December 28, 2013

About A Brother and a Sister

Ever since Isabella was born, we have been raising our typical son (older sibling) conscientiously in terms of how he should treat her sister. We want him to treat her with compassion and yet not so much that Isabella can  get away with a lot of things. We want to be fair to each of them and yet not overcompensate for whatever for either one. It's a tough tightrope balancing act sometimes and you have no idea whether you are doing it right or whether you are doing it enough. It's a mystery.

Sometimes I wonder about whether my two children will ever find a way to really play together, like siblings do... sometimes I fear that he will outgrow his sister and be estranged as they get older, but like all fears and what if's, there are no guarantees, and most of the time really, they are all just noisy mind junk .

These were quick and passing thoughts I had this week, and then while I was in the process of cleaning up photos and videos from our I-Pad, I found this.

As it has been proven over and over again, it looks like I really have nothing to worry about. 

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