Monday, October 14, 2013

Great STRIDES Within a Week!

On my last developmental update I mentioned that Isabella has been walking. Well she has, but it was not really her first choice of movement/mobility around the house. Most of the time at home she would rather crawl or kneel walk, probably because her balance still needs work. She seems to feel more confident when we are close to her to guide her or for her to hold onto whenever she needs to regain her balance. She will take us for hand held walks around the house.

But just like any skill, she needs to practice walking over and over until she learns how to coordinate her balance with her body movements so she can move around with ease. Lately, (and this is a happily welcomed challenge) it is quite a challenge to keep her contained in the shopping cart, she would really rather take walks around the store, and her first go to person is not me or her dad, it is her brother.

Taking her brother for a stroll at Costco

However, this week she decided that she can do it all on her own! (please note that the picture and this video is a week apart and that it has been 5 months since the day she decided to walk across the living room)

This girl definitely wants to go!

And they said that less than 50% will ever be able to walk.

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