Monday, September 09, 2013

Isabella Eats

Isabella has oral aversion... and due to that feeding is difficult, and she won't really explore her mouth or let others do it that oral motor skills are compromised. She does not chew, she does not suck, and the aftermath of a dentist visit (with the prying open, exploration, brushing, etc.) is a gateway to a temporary shut down of oral feeding willingness.

Daily feedings are tasking and brushing her teeth is no-party. Up until...

We saw that Isabella was very interested in her brother's battery toothbrush... those ones with a spinning brush head, make a sound, and has a vibrating sensation when you hold and use it. The nightly bath time routine is that the kids brush their teeth and bathe at the same time, and every time she watches her brother closely as he uses his toothbrush, giggles at the tickling vibrating sound she hears, and got so curious that she would grab it and put it in her mouth, and since they can't share toothbrushes (who would even want to do that really?), we got her her own spinning brush, a pink one with flowers... and "Lo and behold!"... she would welcome it with her mouth open whenever we brush her teeth, making tooth brushing feel less of a chore! =D

So, my husband, had one of his brilliant ideas... why not feed her with a vibrating spoon? So he went online, then the heavens opened up, and found one!


A week later it arrived in the mail... several uses later, feedings started becoming easier and the choirs of angels started singing, because now Isabella, will actually grab the spoon and put it willingly in her mouth!

So here's to hoping that the choir keeps singing!

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