Sunday, July 29, 2012

Poop Happens

Isabella poops two to three times daily. With two being the minimum quota and three being having extra marginal profit, and the occasional four being a reason to celebrate the extra commission.

The ideal poop consistency is that of peanut butter (if you are eating, and you decide to stop reading this, I won’t be offended, promise.)

With the diet change,  ordered by GI and Renal to a non-restrictive diet, we were faced with dealing with the occasional constipation that we have managed according to its constipation alert levels that is signified by certain poop consistencies.

Level 1 Alert: 
Level 1 Constipation Alert means different things. When Isabella has not gone in the morning like she usually does, or when she does go but they are like small pellets and are dry (like that of a rabbit or a goat), or if she gives us a donut hole (like a piece of a chocolate donut hole from Winchell's), or if she produces what we call Play Doh- a pasty kinda flat piece of brown doughy poop, this is called a Level 1 Constipation Alert. This level of constipation is usually managed by giving her some prune juice. While usually a successful means to make her go by lunchtime, every now and then, we do need to proceed with a plan to remediate a …

Level 2 Alert: 
After being prune juice-boarded, and still not going by 4 pm, a Level 2 Constipation Alert will be in place. At this level, we will have to give her a dose of this minty-flavored-chalky-substance called Milk of Magnesia. At this point, because level 1 remedies did not work, and she has already skipped about 2 bowel outputs, we will need to deal with diaper overflows, poop went throughs, and sometimes, just sometimes, the all the way to the back poop cleaning.

It is important to note though that this level of intervention usually works and would not necessitate the need of a Level 3, but sometimes, rarely really, we do need to up the ante to a…

Level 3 Alert: 
It is already day 2 with the constipation battle. For the first half of day 2 we will try a Level 1 approach, and  and if she still has not gone, a Level 2 approach will be administered in the afternoon, and if that does not work, by bedtime (after already doing her daily bedtime ritual of a bath, brushing her teeth, taking her meds, and being dressed in her pretty jammies, and no luck with the production of her precious poop) then suppository Baby Pedia Lax will be necessary. Pedia Lax is really our last resort, and we are usually hesitant to give her this, so we would try and give her some belly massage and wait it out. But since she gets really restless and cranky when she has not gone (and I can’t blame her, for I will feel the same if  I’m all plugged up.) then Pedia lax seems to be the only way to go.

Usually, due to our hesitation to give it at the right moment (which is always the time frame before we did it plus the time we wasted on waiting after we give her the belly massage), she would go in her sleep and we will have to deal with all the all the plugged-sordid-mess-of-bowels in the middle of the night.  So lesson learned, when faced with a high level of constipation alert, DO NOT hesitate to give Pedia-lax by the afternoon of Day 2 Level 3 Constipation alert if we do not want to deal with giving the baby another bath in the middle of the night, and the need to address the dirty bedding laundry, ASAP. 

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