Tuesday, March 01, 2011

15th Month Update and Annual IFSP

We had an annual IFSP for Isabella just recently. Right before the meeting, I found ,yself reviewing the IFSP from a year ago and the one done 6 months ago. For both IFSPs no goals were met and her developmental level at 9 months was that of a 0 to 3 month old. I do feel that Isabella has made great progress developmentally, however most of the progress she makes are the tiny steps that leads to the major goals that the IFSP team has developed. While reviewing, I felt that none of her goals were met and my perception is that her developmental level at 14 months was that of a 4 month old.

At the IFSP meeting, all the service providers were there. We briefly discussed birth and medical history and the type and frequency of services that she receives. Then we proceeded to discussing what is current in terms of Isabella’s development.

• Vision is within normal limits as per last vision check up.

• Suspected hearing loss on both ears. With the right ear being on the moderate to severe range and the left at mild to moderate. Although this results are inconsistent with a sedated ABR done April 2010, where the results indicated the she has normal hearing in both ears.

• Cognitive skills are at the 3 to 6 month range. She uses her hands to explore her mouth, plays peek a boo, and her interest on toys that make sounds are emerging.

• Language skills are at a 3 to 5 month range. She shows interest in music and sounds. She also laughs when we play with her. She coos using “Mmmm” sounds.

• Social Skills are at the 3 to 5 month range. She shows interest in people and likes to watch them. She likes to be in constant sight and hearing of an adult.

• Gross motor skills appear to be at the 5 to 6 month range. She rolls both sides, hold her head up, and with assistance can support herself sitting with extended hands.

• Fine Motor skills are at the 3 to 6 month range. She can track objects, grasp toys when placed on her palm, put her hands and fingers to or in her mouth, and clasp her hands together.

• Self Help skills are at the 3 to 6 month range. Her cleft palate has been repaired and is being seen by a feeding OT. She is tube fed and takes in semi solids by mouth. She licks her fingers and will lick a toy when placed near her mouth.

She did meet 1/3 goals benchmarks that the team has developed (attention to a variety of stimulation, After the report, I felt that our estimation of Isabella’s skills were in the range, most likely the average level of the skills noted above. Old un-met goals (crawl, sit without support, grasp/pick up toys or small objects, and transferring objects from one hand to the other) were continued, and new goals were developed (play with toys, react to music by cooing, babble, pivot her body in prone, sit momentarily leaning on hands, and transfer objects from one hand to the other) .

We left the meeting feeling good that our daughter made progress. And I actually cried because she is moving forward, slow it maybe be, at least she’s moving forward.

However, when I found myself reading the report, I found that not only did they write where Isay is at developmentally, they also wrote in percentages how delayed she is… 79% delay.  79 out of 100.

I’m aware of the reality of it… and I’m still happy with what progress she’s made… but it hurt seeing that difference.

I gotta keep looking at the have's and focus on the positives.

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Kristy said...

Isay is doing great, keep focusing on the positives! I know how hard it can be to read those reports sometimes. When we first moved Dylan's new PT said he was around the 5 month range and my heart sank because the previous PT said he was at 9 months. She will keep moving forward, just at her own pace. :)