Thursday, December 09, 2010

Isabella's First Year

I cannot believe that Isabella is a year old. Time flew when my son was an infant, especially since you measure a baby's first year of life in terms of weeks and months.... seeing how different each week is for the first three months since birth and how each month is soo different than the last for the succeeding ones. Though I cannot especially say the same thing with my Isay, time essentially did flew by even if developmentally she has been in the 0 to 3 month range for quite some time now... this time though it was measured by the many medical appointments we've been to, the many therapy sessions we’ve attended, and the many specialists that we have discussed things with... most importantly seeing how one day, no matter how eye straining-ly small it is, is different from the last.

I can say that it has been an individually unique experience raising each of my children, and Isabella has been one that has stretched the limits of what we have come to understand on this lifetime.

Isabella currently weighs about 12.5 lbs. She eats semi solids food and can tolerate about 30 mls of food per feeding and then we give her about 50mls of formula. Even with the cleft repair, she still is volume sensitive and throw ups happen about 1-2 times a day, and sporadically, we would be blessed with none. Her current development has not changed much since the 11th month update. She was able to regain the skill of sitting with minimal support from an adult and/or the sitting with her supporting herself with her arms. She can tolerate supporting herself while in a sitting position much longer now. Her repertoire of sounds now includes shrieks on occasion, and, unfortunately, we still have not heard her do a “ba-ba-ba” or a “ma-ma-ma”. Lately, when she is put on her belly and she pushes herself up, she wiggles her feet and she pivots her body, though it may seem unintentional, eventually she will most likely make her body pivot to face where she wants to go. I'm hoping that by this same time next year, I can say that my daughter is already crawling.

As I wonder what the next year would bring my daughter, I find myself in a place of HOPE. I hope that life will be kind to her, and that she will continually grow beautifully, and that she will be truly happy, but most of all… that she will feel loved… because she is.

To read on Isabella's previous developmental update, click here


Kisses4Kaylee said...

Happy Birthday, Sweet Isay! Madonna, time has really flown by quickly. I still remember our first conversation~ Isay was 2 months old and I had just gotten Kaylee's diagnosis. I know the emotional journey you have been on, but I also know what you mean about the presence of HOPE. I, too, hope that this next year is filled with wonderful milestones and happy developmental surprises-- for both of our girls! Today, though, I hold special thoughts for your baby girl-- an angel I love, even though I have not met her...yet. xo

Kristy said...

Happy Birthday beautiful Isabella - you are so greatly loved. I will be praying for a fantastic year to come. :)

Min said...

Happy Birthday Isabella! love, auntie min

Mihaela said...

What a beautiful smile!
Happy birthday, Isay!

I've said this before, and now I want to say it again. Isay reminds me so much of Denise when she was this age. Denise too started sitting independently for a couple seconds around 11 months. Now at almost 2, she's beginning to take unassisted steps. I know it's individual from a child to child, but still I like comparing too. Also Denise didn't start to babble until after her 1st birthday.

I wish Isay a very healthy year ahead and lots of milestone conquered. From the bottom of my heart.

Hilary said...

Happy birthday beautiful girl!